Welcome to the EPR 21 Awards!

European Pharmaceutical Review is proud to announce the inaugural EPR Awards.

In our 21st anniversary year we are celebrating the wealth of innovation, excellence, and cutting-edge science in our industry, and want to recognise individuals, companies and institutions for their outstanding achievements and endeavours.

Whether you work in research, product development or manufacturing, if you are a scientist, a manager or an academic, work for a product supplier, a CRO or CMO or in big pharma, we would like to hear about ground-breaking initiatives from around the world. You can nominate yourself, any colleague, company or institution for their excellent achievement, as long as the work or project was taking place during 2016.

European Pharmaceutical Review readers will vote on the longlisted entries, with the winners picked from the shortlist by members of the EPR editorial advisory board.

All entries must be submitted by Thursday 9 June.